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"96 Tears"
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AutorenRudy Martinez
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InfoOn the smartest/dumbest two-note Farfisa riff in history, "96 Tears" went to No. 1 at a time when a couple of shifty looking guys from Saginaw, Mich., with a shaky grasp on rock'n'roll could do such a thing. I read somewhere, possibly apocryphally, that once at a Suicide show before they performed "96 Tears", Alan Vega screamed "your national anthem, whether you know it or not!" Works for me. --Jess Harvell

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Cover-QuestionMark-96Tears.jpg (xpx) Question Mark & The Mysterians: "96 Tears"
    Cameo (1966) Platz 210 von 500 im US-Rolling Stone! #210 von 500 Platz 96 von 1001 ! #96 von 1001 Platz 120 von 200! #120 von 200
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    Epic (October 1981)
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    Dilemma Deluxe (March 1989)
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