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"Four Seasons Traveller"
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AutorenMichael Mann, Werner Garden
Status nicht mehr im Programm
BesetzungWaiting For Louise: Detlef Goch (snare, shaker, tambourine), Johannes Lehmann (bg), Michael Mann (2nd voc, 6string ag), Ute Rettler (eg, 12string ag), Werner Garden (1st voc), Silke Reinders-Garden (bvoc)
InfoUnser zweites "neues" Lied fr die nchste Rusty-CD. Die Akkorde stammen vom Februar 2009 und wurden im April zum ersten Mal in einer der gelegentlichen sonntglichen Songwritingsessions in Alpsray von Werner und Micha gejammt. Im Juli gewann Werners Textidee erste Konturen und der Songtitel wurde festgelegt ...
Seit der erneuten "Kreativpause" der Rostigen Ngel hat die Nummer Anfang 2010 den Weg in das Repertoire von W4L fr deren neue CD gefunden.
TextMoved along a passage - for many years
Tried to be on time - on the other side
Never wasted zeal - on lookin round
'til my eyes a reason found - to

Take some time and focus new
Onto a different world beside my road
Take some time and focus new
Onto a different world beside my road
(To) see what they could find

Winter darkened grey with snow, fog or cold rain
Landscape is not inviting
Lights only shine out of peoples homes
And from cars passing by

In spring lights and air mostly clean
Look how new life is starting
Farmers tractors builders cranes
Painting on new pictures I see

The summer, Im driving the same old way
The wind blows round my head
Warm breeze let me smell the air
Oh dear, its so exciting

Autumn reached me with different moods
Lots of things are finished
Harvest done - days are shorter
The circle is complete

So all in all its motion
The best you can receive
Carefully free and ready to drown
Little freedom, live on in me!

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Cover-W4L-Roadsongs-draft.jpg (xpx) Waiting For Louise: "Roadsongs For The Business Class"
    E=MC (December 2010)
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