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AutorenMichael Mann, Bernd Baumgart
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BesetzungWaiting For Louise: Locke (dr), Johannes (bg), Michael (voc, ag, dobro)
InfoText von Bernd, Musik von Micha. Das Lied entstand erst kurz nach der CD "But Not The Blue Number", weshalb es auch keine dokumentierte Rusty-Nails - Version gibt, obwohl wir es live ab und zu gespielt haben. Im Frühjahr 2007 wurde es auf einer W4L-Probe beim Herumjammen in veränderter Gitarrenstimmung (DADGHE) neu entdeckt und für das W4L-Repertoire konfisziert.
TextWell, you believe in miracles
Now, you know well that I don't
Used to believe in wonderland
But now Wonderland got sold
Way out in the distance
I saw someone with your face
Slowly getting nearer
But I looked some other way

Now the mirror has been broken
And the toy doll got no heart
How far can you go?

Well, I saw you just the other day
I saw you in your car
Saw you in the movies
just how did you get that far
Saw you at the cross-roads
Just when I lost your track
Now you're way out on the ocean
I wonder if you're coming back

There was fire there was water
In between now there were you
How far can you go?

Ah, you take things as they come my friend
And you forget them as they go
But then, what you really need my love
I don't think you'll ever know

Oh, well some have called you a sinner
And some others called you a saint
You're always caught between attraction and fear
Though you never feel the pain
How far can you go?

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