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AutorenMichael Mann, Bernd Baumgart
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DownloadRustyNails-PicturePostcard.mp3 (9.24 MB Stereo) aufgenommen am 1992
InfoText und Musik von Micha, mit Unterstützung von Bernd. Die Postkarte gab es wirklich. Das Mädel natürlich auch.
TextComing home from my daily routine
Same old places same old scenes
All day working got me tired and mad
feeling hardly better than half dead
Finally at home I opened the door
Bills and letters all on the floor
When a picture postcard from overseas
Came as a total surprise to me


I started burning
I'd like to get there too
All that yearning
Stirred up by you
And I'm on fire
I'd like to be there too
My desire
Stirred up by you

Say you're feeling better than ever before
Taking a stroll on that distant shore
Not doing anything just doing fine
Simply having a real good time


Turning back to my daily routine
Start the TV and the coffee machine
Put the bills in the bin I don't care at all
Pin the postcard on the wall


But there are two fine reasons
I'd like to be there too
One is New Zealand
The other one...
That could be you
That should be you
And I know that it would be you
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